Columbus Psych Fest
Columbus Psych Fest
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    Columbus Psych Fest

    CPF8  highlights the very best in Ohio Psychedelia. Groovy kicks & trippy licks.  You are Invited!

    About Us

    Hi There!

     Columbus Psych Fest 8, presented by Andrew H Davis Hypnotherapy and the Columbus Hippy Trippy Committee, is Friday, May 18, from 6 pm until 1 am. CPF8 highlights the very best in Central Ohio Psychedelia. The door cover, $10, goes entirely to the bands and supports the music you love. Cafe Bourbon St and the Summit host the event. Bobo and the Summit are favorite Sohud haunts and are located at 2216 Summit St, Columbus, OH 43201. The event showcases mind melting musicians and artists from in and around the Capital City and guarantees an experience like no other. 

    We're Super Glad You're Here!

      The Columbus Psych Fest collective is dedicated to the intentional evolution of human consciousness and presents this exposition for our diverse society’s psychological and spiritual growth. In this eigth installment of an act of dedication to the Psychedelic Music Scene in Columbus Ohio, CPF8 will be hosted by Cafe Bourbon St and the Summit. A new site for the Committee, Bobo and the Summit are neighboring venues known for the highest quality entertainment. CPF8 turns the walls inside out for the groovy kicks of trippy licks.   

    Let's Get It On

    The Hippy Trippy Committee is dedicated to assisting our community in getting as deep as we dare. Performances include Heaven's Gateway Drugs, Pale Grey Lore, Golden Death Music, Mas Bagua, Levitation Center, Classical Baby, Fatal Gaze, and No Dabs for Adam! Teachers, poets, and Yogis will be on hand for personal and group insight and guidance. Interactive entertainment is the name of the game. Performance Art, Magic, Merriment. We are on a mission!